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Ring Candles

Our candles are made of the highest quality wax & fragrances, all framed in a frosted glass jar with artwork any home owner would be proud to display. As if that isn't enough ... every candle comes with a ring inside valued between $50 & $3,000 making it a perfect gift or the ultimate way to spoil yourself. Not only do our candles rival any of the major candle companies, but you also receive a bonus jewellery inside, just like our ring bath bombs  and ring body scrubs.


Find light, comfort and warmth in our exclusive line of high quality ring candles. Crafted by the experts, our candles exhibit qualities only great candles possess. With customers in mind, each candle is made only with the best wax available in the market, ensuring a clean and soot-free burn each and every time. Unlike most candles that are advertised as high quality but compromise your health, our candles are also proven to be safe for use.

As a family owned business, we recognize your money’s worth. That is why we do our best to provide candles that you can consider wise investments. Using the best ingredients give our candles a longer burn—giving you almost twice the candle you buy. When coupled with proper maintenance, our candles are sure to envelop your room with warmth longer and better.

Perfect for setting the right ambience, every candle in our catalog uses the best oils and fragrances. Choose from scents that serve as the perfect backdrop in an intimate dinner, add joy to a celebration, or simply join you in a laid-back day at home. With fragrance that lasts, our candles are the perfect company in any occasion.

In terms of home décor, our candles are designed to easily blend well with any theme or aesthetic. May it be minimal or bold, expect our candles to fit in with any interior. Each of our candles is framed in a frosted glass jar, complete with an artwork that any home owner would be proud to display.

The good things never stop there! As if it isn’t enough, every candle comes with a ring inside valued between $50 and $3,000. Of course, some people aim to get the ring with the highest value, but believe us when we say that most of our customers do not get the joy simply from their rings’ worth. The satisfaction lies in the reveal! Never knowing what’s in for you creates the elements of mystery and surprise, making each buy more exciting and fun. Let’s just say that for many, getting an expensive ring is just an added (and gorgeous) bonus.

There is nothing more a woman could ask for with our collection of ring candles. After all, it does not only make a thoughtful gift, but also the ultimate way to spoil yourself. For friends and loved ones, choose among our collection of occasion candles. Let our candles speak for you: say thank you, wish someone well, or celebrate a victory. For yourself, pick a scent that makes you feel most special. Maybe one day you feel feminine, and then the next day, crave some spice. Crafted with your needs in mind, we are sure you’ll find a ring candle made just for you.

Let our ring candles light up your day, add to the beauty of your décor, envelop your room with lasting fragrance, and give you warmth in a freezing afternoon. When you get one, you are purchasing an experience that you can get only here.

Pamper yourself today in true Royal Essence fashion.