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Ring Bath Crumbles

Sprinkle some relaxation to your bath and sink into the dreamy swirls of our bath crumbles. Packed with premium fragrances and soothing oils, these deconstructed bath bombs will melt into your skin and leave a silky finish. Tie in your bath experience with a sparkly treat waiting when you hop off your bath!


These bath crumbles are the perfect options for the bath connoisseurs who enjoy mixing and matching scents and colours. From fruity, gourmet, earthy and floral, combine your favourite scents and find your perfect bath staple. They can also be portioned into three baths instead of one—making them a bang for your buck.

Just like our candles and bath bombs, every jar of bath crumbles contain a hidden piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery inside. All you need to do is sprinkle the crumbles to your bath or dig for the hidden treasure. Your jewellery surprise also contains a code with its recommended retail price (RRP). Win a gem worth $50 up to $3000!