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Trick or treat! We’re filling your pumpkin basket with all the saccharine lollies for a sugar high! This Halloween bundle has all the candy essentials for kids and kids at heart. And of course, it comes with an extra tangy-sweet Zolly Crystal Heart ringless bath bomb for FREE!


Scent Descriptions: 


Candy Wonderland Body Scrub- Candy wonderland is reminiscent of your childhood carnival days. Be delighted with the bubblicious taste of gum balls at the fairground. The most delicious scrub of all, this goodie is extra hydrating and will leave your skin as smooth and sweet as lolly.

Bubble Gum Whipped Soap - A childhood favourite. Smells just like gum balls straight from the candy machine. Bright pink and blue fizz, froth, foam, your tub time made fun!

Grape Soda Candle - Effervescent aroma of fresh grape combined with mixed berries & plum to create a luscious fruit fragrance. 

FREE: Crystal Heart Ringless Bath Bomb - Sweet berry duo of ripe strawberries and raspberries harmonised with hints of sugary hard rock candy.

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