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Periwinkle Dreams

Sterling Silver Guaranteed
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Make every day whimsical with the sweet, floral, and fruity scents of Periwinkle Dreams. These scents fill your home with wonder and make your bath extra magical with a FREE Aurora Borealis ringless bath bomb from Zolly!


Scent Descriptions


Grape Soda candle -Effervescent aroma of fresh grape combined with mixed berries & plum to create a luscious fruit fragrance.


Sweet Pea bath crumble -Light and airy, sweet pea captures the essence of floral elegance.  


Bubble Gum whipped soap - A childhood favourite. Smells just like gum balls straight from the candy machine. Bright pink and blue fizz, froth, foam, your tub time made fun!

Aurora Borealis ringless bath bomb (FREE!) - The rich, sweet taste of melons paired with fresh apricot and a hint of honey - an appealing fruit fusion.

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