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Fairy Garden

Sterling Silver Guaranteed
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Feel little fairy wings flutter with these sweet-scented self-care goodies! This curated bundle will make you feel like you’re having a picnic with the fairies in the middle of a juicy strawberry garden. These pink treats are also at 10% off!


Scent Descriptions: 


Snow Fairy Candle and Body Scrub -A whimsical fragrance of creamy vanilla, frosted sugar swirls and bottom notes of pink poppies to add a flirty and fresh twist to this delectable scent.

Strawberry Buttercream Bath Bomb -Think of luscious buttercream whipped frosting topped with plump and juicy fresh strawberries. This scent is nothing but sweet, sugary, buttery with just a hint of sparkling citrus and a smidgen of strawberry leaves. Simply scrumptious!

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