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Gemstone Collection

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Reveal all three dazzling jewels from our Gemstone Collection—now in a bundle! Sink into the opulent iridescence of the Stardust Opal, capture the Northern Lights in a gem with Aurora Borealis, and bask in the radiance of Rose Quartz. With scents that will complement your every mood, these candles also come in stunning jar designs that match each hidden treasure!


Scent Descriptions: 


Stardust Opal:Asurreal mix of light musky undertone with fresh and velvety fragrance base notes. A very sophisticated scent that is sure to seduce your senses.


Aurora Borealis: a beautiful and elusive fruity composition of plump blueberries interlaced with freshly picked summer fruits.

Rose Quartz: Reminiscent of a fruity and floral combination with peony petals and juicy lychee fruit that creates subtle freshness all throughout.

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