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September 06, 2022 6 min read

When we think about the women in our lives,  we often think about the roles they play. But the thing is these women are so much more than their roles in our lives. They are their own people, they have their own personalities and preferences. These are important considerations  when gifting the special women in our lives. You could have a  best friend that is the star in any room she walks into.  May have a mom who is a Boss Lady,  or a colleague who is a free spirit.  In this list, we’ll go through the perfect gift for the unique personalities of the women in your life.



This is the kind of woman who finds joy and fulfilment in making her home a sanctuary. She loves to cook sumptuous meals and bake up a storm.  She’s the one that's known to host brunches or dinners at her home with family and friends. Her home is likely beautifully and thoughtfully decorated. Every nook of her home is spotless and always Pinterest-worthy.  She pays attention to the little details that make her home as warm and welcoming as possible. The Caramel Fudge Candle is the perfect gift for the homemaker in your life. The scent of salted butter caramel, luscious vanilla, and sugar syrup floating through the air is something that would delight any guest. The chic jar  makes for a perfect piece of decoration in any room, too.



This woman has it together! She is always on top of everything.  She is organised and she gets everything done. She does not settle for less than perfection.  The small details are as important to her as the big picture.  She is a visionary and she also has the capacity to plan the small steps that will get her to her goal.  But never mistake this kind of woman to be cold or callous.  She is simply focused, disciplined, and has no room for distractions during the day. But she could be a lot of fun in the after-hours and she could be really nice once you get to know her.  The perfect gift for the boss woman in your life would be the Boss of EverythingCandle.  It has the blend of tuberose plum cocktail and a bouquet of white Magnolias— serious but fun just like her.


This kind of woman is exactly that: a Star! She is somebody who makes heads turn anywhere she goes.  She is larger-than-life, likes bright colours, and bold jewellery. You will always find a smile, a laugh, or a song on her lips.  She just loves being out and she’s probably the one who’s always taking pictures. As  much as she is the centre of attention, she also  makes other people feel seen. She is kind and friendly, which is the real reason she’s a star. The Tangerine Mimosa Candle is a match! It is a blend of sweet and sparkly– with notes of sweet mango and champagne nothing could be more perfect for the Star.


The Sleeping Beauty replies to “WRU? Let’s party!” texts three hours late because she was napping. If you’re lucky you could get an apology text for the late reply, but 9 of 10 times she’ll fall right back asleep. She really values her beauty sleep,  or she really is just sleepy most of the time. Although she could be hard to call on nights out, you still love her and support her chosen hobby. And so you gift the Sleeping Beauty in your life a Princess Bath Bomb.  She can soak in pink suds that smell like grapefruit and strawberries, sweetened by the summer sun. It is surely going to fuel sweet, nostalgic dreams as she is calmed by a relaxing bath.


Anyone who has a fur mom in their life knows that they are always proud of their little babies. They whip their phones out and show pictures of their precious pets and find any opportunity to talk about them with fellow animal lovers or people that they would want to convert into becoming animal lovers.  In any case, you would be able to tell that they are a fur  mum because of how gentle and kind their hearts are.  It takes a special kind of person to be so loving and so bonded to living things of a different species. And fur mums deserve back all the love they give! So the perfect gift for them would be anything from the Pawsome Bath Bomb or Purrific Candle. Each of the items in this collection hold surprise jewellery inspired by adorable fur-babies!


This kind of woman has no singular definition for this one because each woman’s expression of their free spirit will always be different.  But it is likely that the free spirit in your life is somebody who loves adventure and somebody who has passions and interests that may not be so common.  They are only concerned with what makes them happy is the most magical thing about them.  They could be a little bit mysterious, but always full of  energy.  The perfect gift for them would definitely be the Island Splash Bath Crumble,  so they can take it with them and use it multiple times on their many adventures. They’ll be reminded to make time for rest and make it special wherever they may find themselves,  be it a foot soak after a long hike in the woods somewhere or a bath with all the woks in a fancy hotel halfway across the world.


This is the woman who is always running around in athleisure and probably has a gym bag or yoga mat strapped to them when you meet up for brunch.  They are always up and at it, and they may have a few bruises or sore muscles from putting themselves really hard at the gym or  wherever it is that they train. Trading hard is their preferred way of taking care of themselves so gifting them with the Peppermint Twist Bath Bomb  would be perfect.  It's going to remind them to slow down and choose to rest once in a while. A warm bath with the soothing peppermint scent in the air, relaxing both the body and mind would be the best way to remember to slow down.



Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take a bookworm away from their latest novel.  She could lose  hours of sleep just because she doesn’t want to put her book down. There really are just some books that are hard to put down.  So the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life would definitely be something that allows them to enjoy reading while taking care of themselves in another way. The Sweet Pea Bath Bomb but is definitely the way to go. The light floral fragrance inspires  romantic vibes and it would be the perfect soak for the bookworm that just can't be parted from her current read.



This is the person in your life that has more traditional tastes. They value quality and how something stands against the test of time.  They could be dressed in neutral colours with simple, elegant diamond & pearl jewellery.  They would prefer the classics proven by time rather than trying to catch up with the latest and trendiest. They just have a taste for finer things in life and the Freshly Cut Roses Candle would make the perfect gift for them.  Roses have to be the most classic flower and just about everyone you ask would name it the favourite, likely including the Classic Woman.



The fashionista in your life is definitely going to be attracted to beautiful colours and unexpected elements.  She is probably most commonly seen in a scene-stealing outfit or just being really put-together.  She's someone who evidently expresses herself with the way that she dresses and she couldn’t get any clearer about how completely fabulous she is. The best gift for the fashionista with definitely be the Aurora Borealis Candle. It would be love at first sight with the prettiest packaging and the dancing colours. She's going to be so much more in love with it when  it fills the room with the smell of blueberries and freshly picked summer fruits.  Her favourite thing about it is definitely going to be the guaranteed sterling silver jewellery that she discovers! It's definitely going to be as fabulous  as she is.

All of our suggestions on this list guarantee the sterling silver jewellery, so there is an  added layer of delight and excitement that any woman in your life would be lucky to experience. 

You can browse our entire catalogue here, for more gifts for the other kinds of women in your life we many have missed here.

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