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September 09, 2021 4 min read

With over 600 designs to discover inside our products, some assume we just guess the recommended retail price (RRP) of our jewellery. What they don’t know is that these pieces are carefully categorised and considered by a manufacturer and local jeweller through analysing different factors. 

We determine the RRP of every jewellery design by considering our manufacturers’ suggested retail value and enlisting the help of a local jeweller to appraise the jewellery. For high value jewellery, we enclose an appraisal certificate from our jeweller. This certificate details features of the jewellery that determines its value such as the type of metal, number of crystals, and the nature of the gemstone. 

For jewellery worth below $1000, since they are more common and appraisal certificates are quite costly, we get them appraised by the same jeweller in bulk. These less expensive jewellery undergo the same process.

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Being that we have given over a million jewellery surprises, we have found a way to categorise our jewellery in a way that is understandable for our customers. Our jewellery is divided into tiers which is according to the appraisal value, but how do we determine the value of your jewellery? 


Tier 3: Jewellery Worth $90 to $500

If you’ve discovered a piece of jewellery worth below $500, you got a tier 3 reveal! Tier 3 jewellery may be on the lower side, but these sparkly surprises last a long time and they’re perfect for everyday wear. They come in different designs from big bold statement rings to dainty pieces for layering. 

Not to be confused with “costume” jewellery, our tier 3 pieces are not silver-coated metals that turn your fingers green. They are made with 925 sterling silver, a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals to maintain the integrity of the band. Sterling silver is often a more casual choice all while lasting long and being hypoallergenic. 

As for the gems, we have chosen lab-created gemstones for tier 3 jewellery. These gems are created in a lab with the same chemical composition, but with less flaws and environmental impact. While it is possible to make tier 3 jewellery with cheaper natural gemstones, we have decided with lab-created stones for its environmental benefits, all while still being at par with mined gemstones. 

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Tier 2: Jewellery Worth $500 to $1000

The Tier 2 category has a more high-street value compared to tier 1 jewellery. Tier 2 is the type of jewellery you can wear in less serious, semi-casual events in your life. While they have more value than tier 3 jewellery, these pieces are special enough to skip everyday wear, but can totally be rocked during the more eventful days in your life. 

These jewellery worth up to $1000 are usually made with vermeil. Vermeil jewellery is 925 sterling silver with a thick coating of either gold or rose gold. Unlike regular gold-plated jewellery, vermeil is five times thicker, hypoallergenic, and does not tarnish easily. 

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Aside from gold vermeil, tier 2 jewellery is also made with natural and conflict-free gemstones. These mid-tier pieces are more elevated than tier 3 so we have placed natural gemstones that are ethically mined. Being that tracking a gem’s origin is a tedious process, a conflict-free mined gem is often costly. This is why they only belong in tier 1 and 2 jewellery. 

Tier 1: Jewellery Worth $1000 to $5000

If you’re one of the lucky few who found a winning ticket or won our  monthly giveaway,  you now own a tier 1 piece. Tier 1 jewellery are worth $1000 up to $5000, and these are the types of jewellery you might not want to bring to a pool party. 

These one-of-a-kind pieces are made with 18-carat gold, rose gold, or white gold and have a beautiful natural gemstone ranging from topazes to sapphires. Sometimes, they also have little conflict-free diamonds, but when a clear crystal is the star of the show, we opt for lab-created Charles & Colvard Moissanite for a more eco-friendly choice. 

We don’t put our tier 1 jewellery in a bauble or aluminum foil, so you might find a ticket instead of jewellery inside your product! Once you find a ticket, we will be giving you a package with some goodies, your tier 1 jewellery, and an appraisal certificate from a local jeweller!

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royal essence jewellery tiers

The Beauty of Sparkly Surprises

There’s an intricate process that comes with determining jewellery value, deciding the best choice that is both conflict-free and an experience that everyone will never forget. Whether it’s a $90 necklace or a $5000 ring, we have poured love in every one of our jewellery and we surely hope you see its beauty too! 

We have hundreds of VIPs who have purchased over $1000 worth of products and received many different designs and gemstones. The allure of these sparkly surprises never fade. Not only do our customers enjoy a nice-smelling home or a dip in the bath, they also get to learn more and appreciate jewellery along the way! 

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