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August 26, 2021 4 min read

“Does Royal Essence have fake stones?” We receive different varieties of this question via  email, on  social media,  and even Google search. Some of our tier 3 winners, those who received jewellery less than $500, are disappointed when they find out their stones are lab-created—but we proudly declare that all our gems are lab created or conflict-free.

It’s impossible to see these pocket-sized wonders of the world as anything but pure and beautiful. This is why many jewellery corporations get away with unjust practices and still get billions in profit. The last thing people think about when they see these sparkly eye-candy pieces is the politics behind it. 

While Royal Essence is a self-care brand, we also have to dip our toes into the jewellery industry. This means being exposed to the horrors of conflict gems and learning the best way to remain sustainable without dwindling each gem’s sparkle. With that said, every gem is carefully thought out, especially  high-value ones  worth up to $5000. 

Royal Essence Moissanite Diamonds

Diamonds are Forever...Full of Conflict

Diamonds are the most popular and the most controversial gemstones out there. With its curious history and ties to engagements, diamonds have become a status symbol and the standard for expensive jewellery. 

It wasn’t always the case.  In the 19th century,  people saw an abundance of diamonds in South Africa that has caused this once scarce gem to become common. This has also caused mining companies to go bankrupt and sales to plummet after the allure of its rarity had faded. 

To save the industry, these companies decided to get monopoly over diamonds by starting De Beers Consolidated Mines. In 1938, they created a campaign with the slogan “A Diamond Is Forever”—a phrase that escaped the mouths of the most glamorous Golden Age actresses the likes of Marilyn Monroe. 

Until now, diamonds have become a staple in the engagement ring industry. It was only recently when people became aware of “blood diamonds” or diamonds that fund wars, exploit workers, and contribute to environmental degradation. By now, millions of people, including indigenous peoples, have died or have been displaced due to diamond mining.

This is why we chose Moissanite as a diamond alternative for our tier 1 and 2 jewellery. Moissanite is just like diamonds, but without the conflict. These gems were first discovered in meteorites and have since been replicated in labs exclusively by Charles & Colvard, making them more controlled, sustainable, and easily trackable.

Moissanite is the most similar to diamonds in many aspects. It is also a hard gem with a score of 9.25, with diamonds having a score of 10. It's even sparklier than diamonds, less likely to attract grease and dirt, and of course, more affordable and way more ethical. 

Royal Essence Pink Tourmaline

The Case of Conflict-Free Gemstones

Nowadays, it is very rare to be able to trace and identify sustainable and conflict-free diamonds. This is why for jewellery surprises worth $500 to $5000, we usually give away other natural gemstones instead. 

There is something remarkable about owning a natural gemstone, but when you find out how most of these sapphires and emeralds are mined, it might not be as magical anymore. Just like diamonds, other gemstones can be mined illegally or under unethical practices. Thankfully, unlike diamonds, it is easier to trace other  gemstones  by identifying its chemical composition. 

If you’ve received Royal Essence jewellery worth at least $500, then you have found a Moissanite or a natural and conflict-free gemstone. We have given away lots of different natural gemstones from opals, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines, and sapphires. These gemstones are guaranteed to be conflict-free through strict measures from labour practices to environmental impact. 

Royal Essence Jewellery

Are Franken-Gems Fake?

If you didn’t already know, it is possible to  recreate  natural gemstones by putting its chemical components together to grow in labs. We proudly tell our customers that our gems are lab-grown as it has less environmental impact—but does this mean they’re fake? 

We are big fans of lab-created gemstones as not only are they more sustainably made, they are also identical to mined gems with less flaws and cost. Lab-created gems have a lower carbon footprint as they do not need the same amount of resources and labour as mined gems. Despite this, they are still at the same standard as their natural counterparts with the same composition. 

Visually and chemically, one will not be able to tell the difference between lab-created and natural gemstones. Even jewellers will need some instruments to determine this. With that said, lab-created gems are not “fake”, they simply just have a different origin. 

Royal Essence Jewellery Candle

Going Beyond Sparkles

With  years of experience, we have learned that jewellery goes beyond sparkles. It creates memories and emotions that will always be a part of you. In society, gems and crystals have been used as symbols of wealth, status, love, and even healing. These marvelous pieces will remain to be something that is cherished and admired, but it’s important to also be aware of their implications and own jewellery that you can be 100% proud of in all aspects.  

We love providing you little sparkly surprises in your everyday life, but we don’t want you to feel bad flaunting it! This is why we make sure we always choose the best option for the environment and for the people. No glimmer or shine is worth damaging the world and supporting practices that do not align with our values.

If you want to know more about our jewellery, you can check out more info  here

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