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October 26, 2021 3 min read

Scented candles are the perfect added touch to your home decor. They give a chance for you to not only match the visuals of your home, but display your personality through fragrances. With millions of scent combinations being crafted every day, it might get difficult to find the perfect scents that both match your personality and are appropriate for your home. And if you love setting up different scents in different areas of your home, it can get even harder. 

Scents set the mood wherever you go. Having different scents in your home will help you compartmentalise different tasks, set up relaxing corners, and even help you create memories with your loved ones. 

With that said, having the wrong scents in different areas can also throw you off. For example, using gourmet scents in the kitchen may not be ideal as it will clash with what you’re cooking and even confuse your senses. Lighting a strong scent in your room is not ideal for small spaces or for relaxing either. But if this is all new to you, don’t fret! We’re here to guide you on which scents to light in every part of your home!

The Bedroom: Soft Relaxing Scents

This very personal space is the perfect place to light any scent you’d like. Whether you’re into freshly-baked scents or woody notes, it is up to you to choose what scent will make you feel most comfortable. There are a few things to consider, however. 

Being in a smaller space, you may opt for softer scents like sweet florals and fresh earthy notes. These scent families also tend to be more soothing, relaxing, and perfect for unwinding after a long day. And if you want an extra sparkly surprise with your candle, you can check out our soft florals  Sweet Honeysuckle  and  Freshly Cut Roses  or our fresh scentsStarry Night and  Ocean Mist


The Kitchen: Bright Citrus Scents

With the many smells of the kitchen from smoky meats to strong spices, it’s better to light a scent that will complement most scents and even absorb any unpleasant odours. The best candle to light in the kitchen is one with a simply bright citrus note such as our  Sunkissed Sherbet  candle infused with lemons, tangerines, and subtle vanilla. 

When your kitchen is off-duty, however, you can light gourmet scents to make the room smell like freshly-baked treats all the time! Sweet treats like  Caramel Fudge ,  Strawberry Shortcake ,and  Rainbow Unicorn  will satisfy your sweet cravings!

The Living Room: Floral Fruity Scents

Many memories are created in the living room. Whether it’s movie night with your family or a game night with friends, this room is often filled with company. This is why it is crucial to choose a scent that is universally loved. Save the strong gourmets or exotic florals, the living room should smell welcoming and cosy. 

Most people will enjoy fruity floral combinations as the two always create a subtle blend of delicate and pleasant notes. Candles like  Rose Quartz,  Snow Fairy,  and  Cherry Blossom  will be perfect for a subtle scent everyone will enjoy. 

The Bathroom: Fresh Earthy Scents

If there’s any other place that desperately needs a nice scent, it’s the bathroom. With all the soaps and odours mixing, it’s important to find a candle that will neutralise them and make it smell fresh and clean. 

Avoid overly sweet scents like gourmets and strong fragrances as these will not maintain the freshness of your bathroom. Instead, try earthy scents like  Ocean Mist  or  Stardust Opal  or nice fruity scents like  Watermelon & Lemonade  or  Summer Glow

The Kids’ Room: Fruity Scents

With all the arts, crafts, toys, and food going on inside kids’ rooms, it is good to keep it smelling pleasant and subtle enough not to irritate kids’ sensitive sense of smell. Scents are also perfect to lift their mood and keep them excited. 

However, safety is always the first priority and having candles around is danger waiting to happen. This is why we recommend using reed diffusers instead and placing them in a high shelf where kids cannot reach. Our  Love Spell  diffuser has all the refreshing fruity notes that will keep the kids’ room smelling pleasant and fun!

The Dining Room: Cocktail Scents

There’s no better pair for a nice meal than a cocktail! We recommend a cocktail-scented candle to light in your dining room for that vibrant fruity scent to waft in the air in the midst of conversation and good food. Our cocktail collection offers a selection of premium scents like  Tangerine Mimosa  or  Peach Bellini

Patio: Floral Scents

Floral scents are perfect for the patio as they emulate that garden feel right outside your house. Whether you’re out reading a book or having tea with a friend, floral candles will accompany you in serene moments and help you relax while you breathe in fresh air. Scents like  Daisy Dream  or  Mermaid Kisses  will do just the job!

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