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October 01, 2021 4 min read

If you’ve been on Tiktok for a while, you’ve probably seen candles with hidden surprises in them on your For You page. These videos have  millions of views  for their exciting and mesmerising nature. You light a candle, wait, find a sparkly piece of jewellery inside, and get an instant appraisal! Due to the allure of surprise jewellery, many women have tagged their best friends, partners, and loved ones on these videos in hopes of receiving one themselves. 

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably one of the tagged people browsing for the best ring candle option. And if we got it right, you’re in the right place! Royal Essence has been the go-to ring candle brand and it’s probably the one you saw on Tiktok. This is because all our candles have a guaranteed 925 sterling silver surprise, so you don’t have to worry about fingers turning green or silver coatings chipping off. 

While each jar contains a piece of jewellery inside, you might feel overwhelmed by the scent selection available. We have different scent profiles from fruity, floral, gourmet, earthy, and everything in between. So if you’re new to candles or just want to figure out what to give to a friend, a partner, or a loved one. Here are 8 of our best-selling jewellery candles to try out.

Snow Fairy Royal Essence

Snow Fairy: For the Creative Dreamer

Since its release last year, Snow Fairy has become our top-selling candle. This sweet vanilla-poppy fusion has been the favourite of wonder-filled whimsical lovers for its delicious scent, lovely iridescent jar, and the guaranteed pink opal gem inside! 

This scent is perfect for introverts, creatives, and dreamers as it will fill their rooms with whimsy and even spark some inspiration and imagination!

Mermaid Kisses Royal Essence

Mermaid Kisses: For the Spontaneous Wanderer

Mermaid Kisses is Snow Fairy’s adventurous sister. This ocean-scented candle will remind you of breathtaking beaches, blue lagoons, and ocean sceneries you will never forget. With its sharp ocean mist notes combined with mellow lily of the valley and camellia, this scent is truly enchanting and equally as wonder-filled as Snow Fairy. 

This candle is for your friends who always wanderlust, love spontaneous trips, and live life to the fullest! Did we mention it also comes with a blue opal gemstone inside?

Watermelon & Lemonade Candle Royal Essence

Watermelon & Lemonade: The Crowd Favourite

If you’re giving a candle to someone you don’t know very well but want to impress, Watermelon & Lemonade is the way to go. This bright citrus scent is our long-standing best-seller and it’s no surprise. There is a universal love for all things summer, fresh, and sweet! Don’t get us wrong—this scent is definitely not your generic inoffensive dollar store candle. It will remind you of your most vibrant childhood summer memories with its playful notes!

This jar contains a random 925 sterling silver jewel with over 600 designs to reveal!

Freshly Cut Roses Royal Essence

Freshly Cut Roses: The Most Romantic Choice

Sending a gift to your partner? You can never go wrong with roses! Forget the bouquet and send them a rose-scented candle instead. This scent is highly-rated for its accurate fragrance. Lighting Freshly Cut Roses is just like filling your room with rose petals—except they will never wilt! 

This jar can last up to 100 hours, so there’s no need to splurge on fresh roses every week just to keep the scent alive. Plus, it contains a 925 sterling silver jewel for some extra romance of course!

Best Ring Candles Australia 2021

Caramel Fudge: For the Sweet Tooth

We all know that one person who always craves for the sweetest of desserts and who is so close to just shoving a spoonful of sugar in their mouth. This Caramel Fudge candle is a gift that will make them drool! This candle smells like caramel popcorn, ice cream, and a caramel bar all at once. You can just imagine it wafting in your home to satisfy all your cravings!

Unfortunately, you cannot eat this delicious smelling wax, but you can dig for some treasure inside! This candle comes with a 925 sterling silver ring, pair of earrings, or necklace!

Best Ring Candles in Australia 2021

Ocean Mist: A Well-Needed Treat

This Ocean Mist candle is the favourite among self-care enthusiasts and those who love enjoying the relaxing days off. If you know someone who is into calming spa days or desperately needs one, this scent is the perfect treat! Complete with notes of ocean breeze, dune grass, and white sands, this scent feels just like chilling by the ocean. 

What’s an ocean adventure without treasure? This Ocean Mist candle has a 925 sterling silver jewel hiding inside too!

Best Ring Candles in Australia 2021

Gemstone Collection: A Whimsical Spectacle 

We’ve only released our Gemstone Collection this year and it has quickly become the fastest scents to sell out every time we restock. This collection comprises three candles and we can’t choose one to add to the list! These scents are top sellers and are all whimsical in their own way. All with a stunning translucent jar design with holographic details, our customers equally love these three candles! Their names also correspond to their gemstone guarantee inside!

Aurora Borealis  is a tangy and fruity blueberry-based candle with an iridescent crystal gem inside.  Stardust Opal  is an opulent musky candle with a white opal gem, while  Rose Quartz  is a fruity floral blend with a rose quartz gem guarantee!

Best Ring Candles in 2021

Venus Sky: For the Lovestruck Beach Babe

For girls who love chasing sunsets by the beach, Venus Sky is the perfect scent. This combination of strawberry seltzer, coconut, and guava smoothie gives off that tropical beach vibe that will remind you of your favourite holidays. If you could smell a pink-tinged sunset, it would smell like this jar!

Our Venus Sky candle is a part of the Rose Gold Collection so every sparkly surprise is made with quality rose gold vermeil!

Now that you know some of our best-sellers, we hope it helps you look for the perfect scent to send to your loved ones! Of course, there are many other scents we offer that you can explore. And if you still don't know what to get them, it wouldn't hurt to ask...or take a little peek in their cart. 

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