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August 16, 2021 3 min read

Since 2016, we’ve released hundreds of scent blends that fill your home and your tub and accompany you during your self-care days. Now we have over 50 scents to select from refreshing citrus to delicious gourmet—and we know it can get so overwhelming to choose! 

For those who haven’t found your tried-and-tested favourite scent type or want to explore some new ones, we’ve reached out to some of our VIPs customers who have bought thousands of dollars worth of Royal Essence goodies and asked them their favourite scents! These extra special customers might as well be our scent experts as they’ve sniffed lots of our scents from best-sellers to hidden gems! Here are their faves: 

Watermelon & Lemonade Royal Essence

Watermelon & Lemonade 

"My favourite scent in the candles is a toss up between Grape Soda or Watermelon Lemonade! I love fruity scents, and these two definitely take the cake. So refreshing and delicious smelling! "

- Stacey

Our best-selling candle of all time is Watermelon & Lemonade. In true Aussie nature, these juicy notes make your room feel like summer all-year long! This fruity scent is perfect for boosting your productivity at work as it is bold, bright, and fresh!

Freshly Cut Roses Royal Essence

Freshly Cut Roses

"My favourite candle is Freshly Cut Roses. It actually smells like real roses and fills the whole house with a wonderful scent which lasts till the bottom of the candle."

- Troy Ann

Many of our customers adore this candle because of how accurate it is! Freshly Cut Roses feels just like being in a garden of roses—a very romantic choice! This is why many of our customers purchase this floral scent to say “I Love You” to their loved ones with a sparkly surprise!

Sweet Honeysuckle Royal Essence

Sweet Honeysuckle

"My favourite scent is Sweet Honeysuckle. It makes my house smell so good and is not overpowering like some scents can be, such an awesome fruity smell. I've just received my second Sweet Honeysuckle candle, and I will be buying more for sure."

- Tessa

If you’re like Tessa and you want a subtle smelling summer scent, Sweet Honeysuckle is the perfect choice! This fragrance is just like sniffing honeysuckles and jasmines in an Australian summer breeze. It’s the perfect picnic staple!

Grape Soda Royal Essence

Grape Soda

"My favourite scent is Grape Soda because it fills up the room so quickly and I’m obsessed with grape scents. It’s the best scent ever and it’s captured so perfectly in the candle"

- Kirrah

If you’re a grape lover or if you’re looking for a refreshing bubbly scent, Grape Soda is nothing short of juicy grape goodness! Some of our customers also love it for its nostalgic scent that will remind you of your favourite lollies!

Snow Fairy Royal Essence

Snow Fairy

"My favourite candle has to be Snow Fairy. The mixture of vanilla and poppies just fills the room with the most beautiful scent. It has the wonderful sweet smell that just makes the bad days melt away."

- Pene

We’ve only released Snow Fairy last year and it has become one of our top-selling scents already! This playful whimsical scent is perfect for the dreamers and for fueling creativity. It also has a lovely pink opal surprise inside! Snow Fairy also comes in diffusers and body scrubs!

Rose All Day Royal Essence

The Perfect Scent for You

We always make sure our scents are as lovely as the jewellery surprises you find in our products. Whether you’re buying it for your home or looking for some sterling silver jewellery, we want you to enjoy the fragrances as much as we enjoy formulating them. 

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, we’ve created a quiz for you to find your perfect scent! Tailored to your jewellery preferences to product categories, this quiz will help you find your first or next Royal Essence product!

Don’t forget to let us know whether you found our recommendations perfect for you by leaving a review on our website or sharing your thoughts on our Facebook or Instagram!

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