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November 22, 2021 3 min read

Stocking stuffers don’t always have to be chocolate bars or keychains. Sometimes, a little pizzazz can even make your giftees’ holidays with something small but special. Whether you’re filling a special gift basket or handing some small gifts for staff or colleagues, we have stocking stuffers that go beyond little trinkets and even help them with some self-care!

Last year, we launched our sister brand, Zolly, to provide fun self-care for everyday use. By removing the usual Royal Essence jewellery and keeping the same high-quality products, Zolly provides goodies at a lower price—perfect for stocking stuffers this Christmas. 

A lower price tag doesn’t mean these gifts will look cheap though. Zolly’s bath bombs, mini candles, and jelly soaps contain premium fragrances and lovely design for that luxe self-care experience. With that said, here are some stocking stuffers you can add to your Christmas shopping list to give the gift of self care. 

Aurora Borealis Zolly Bath Bomb

Bring the skies in your bath with this Northern Lights-inspired bath bomb. Aurora Borealis is a crowd favourite for its stunning display of celestial hues from pinks to purples with a sprinkle of gold glitter. It is also scented with sweet melons, apricots, and honey—a delicious blend that will help you relax!

Crystal Heart Zolly Bath Bomb

If you’re filling a gift basket for a loved one, tell them you love them with this Crystal Heart bath bomb! This berry duo will never run out of sweetness with its blend of strawberries and raspberries topped with rock candy. And with its adorable geometric heart shape and little heart confetti, you will truly make her feel special. 

Dragon’s Egg Zolly Bath Bomb

This wild and zingy bath bomb is perfect for little kids or kids at heart with its fantasy theme and fruity fragrance. This mix of lemon, lime, berries, and pineapples will make bath time more fun! This bath bomb is perfect as one of your kids’ gifts under the tree or as a gift for nieces and nephews! 

Rainbow Cloud Zolly Bath Bomb

This best-reviewed Rainbow Cloud bath bomb is Zolly’s first-ever release and it’s still the top favourite until now! It’s perfect as a stocking stuffer both for kids and adults as it fizzes out a magical rainbow scented with candy. This Tiktok-worthy bath bomb will definitely be a fun and exciting gift to receive this Christmas!

40g Zolly Mini Candles

If you love Royal Essence scents, you’re going to love these mini candles. They may look tiny with a 40g jar, but these pack a punch with a triple-scented wax and 15-hour burn time. These are perfect as stocking stuffers because they are pocket-sized and can be lit in a small room or desk area! There are also 13 scents available from gourmet to florals!

PeppermInt Twist Jewellery Bath Crumble

Still looking for that sparkly surprise? Royal Essence bath crumbles contain 925 sterling silver surprises in every jar, and if you have some extra budget to spend, these would be extra special stocking stuffers for your loved ones! 

Keep the festive spirit with this Peppermint Twist scent with notes of peppermint leaves, spearmint, and tea tree. Every jar can be used for up to three baths while the jewellery is hiding right in the middle!

Sweet Pea Jewellery Bath Crumble

This springtime favourite has a light floral scent that can be perfect all-year round! Sweet Pea will make your baths feel more relaxing with soft purple hues and sweet pea notes that teleport you straight to fields of flowers. This stocking stuffer is perfect for mum, your sister, partner, best friends, or anyone who deserves some time to relax!

To top off this self-care experience, there’s a 925 sterling silver surprise hiding inside this jar!


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