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December 15, 2021 4 min read

Amongst other senses, the sense of smell is the only one that has a direct pathway to our memories. This is why it’s so easy to associate certain scents with your best and worst days. Fragrances have such big impacts in creating and reliving our best moments, even including the small ones we create at home. 

Lighting scented candles in your home isn’t just for making it smell good. Many people use these scents to match certain moods, remind you of your favourite memories, create new ones with your family and loved ones, or even imagine them! These are just some of the wonders of fragrances. Here at Royal Essence we always keep these in mind when we create scents that people associate with little moments at home. 

With that said, we listed down some scented candles that will match your mood at home from your favourite holidays to your celebrations! And if you haven’t made these memories yet, these scents will help you create new ones right at home!

Tangerine Mimosa: Amalfi Coast Getaway

The bright summery notes of this Tangerine Mimosa will teleport you straight to Italy. Feel the crisp Amalfi air with a hint of sweetness from tropical fruits like mango and tangerine. This cocktail candle is bursting with citrus scents mixed with sparkling bubbly, reminiscent of having Sunday brunch by the sea and the gardens. 

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, indulgent, and excited, this scent is the perfect one to match your mood. 

Sunkissed Sherbet: Happy Picnic Mood

This Sunkissed Sherbet candle is happiness in a jar! If the colour yellow has a scent, this would be it. This creamy freshly-churned sherbet infused with tangerine and lemons will lift up your mood. Just like a picnic under the summer sun, Sunkissed Sherbet is the perfect scent to light when you’re feeling down or if you want to remember your happiest days with friends and family. 

The mood that this Sunkissed Sherbet gives off is happy, cheery, uplifting. If you’re feeling any of these or wanting to, light this scent at home!

Daisy Dream: Field Frolicking 

Don’t you just want to leave all the hustle and bustle, move to some small cottage, and frolic in the fields? If you do, this scent is for you. Daisy Dream will bring you to that peaceful moment in nature we all crave when we get caught up in life. This fresh floral scent is just like stepping into a field of flowers with daisies, poppies, and rosewood. 

If you want that peaceful, relaxing, and escapism that is well-needed after a long day’s work, Daisy Dream is the perfect candle to light. 

Rosé All Day: Cheers-Worthy Feat!

Got something to celebrate? Whether it’s something small or something life-changing, this Rosé All Day candle is here to help you cherish the moment! This blend of pink prosecco and sparkly champagne mixed with tangerine accords has that cheers-worthy vibrance that will fill your room with that celebratory mood. This scent smells like a pat on the back, small wins, and confetti. 

If you’re feeling that celebratory party mood, this is the best scent to light!

Coco Lime Crush: Beach Wanderlust

Coco Lime Crush is that perfect beach getaway scent with its notes of coconut, vanilla, and lime. This smells like sand-speckled beach towels, sunscreen, and sipping on coconuts with a bendy straw. This beach reminiscent candle is perfect when you’re feeling that wanderlust inside you kick in and you feel trapped at home. 

 Want to go to the beach but can’t just yet? Light this Coco Lime Crush candle to feel the salt air and sip on some coconut drinks!

Espresso Martini: Productivity Fuel

Made for the #girlboss, this Espresso Martini candle is both fun and ready to work. Mixing the productivity fuel of freshly-brewed coffee, the sweetness of cocoa and vanilla, and the nutty notes of praline, Espresso Martini does the trick. This scent will accompany you when you’re in your creative flow or just feeling extra productive. 

Get that productivity boost by lighting this Espresso Martini candle!

Rainbow Unicorn: A Magical Party

Join the magical party with our best-selling Rainbow Unicorn candle! This cake batter scent is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and having a colourful kid-friendly party. Adding notes of wild berries and swirls of sugar, it’s a whimsical celebration of your inner child! 

Feel the whimsy and magic of this Rainbow Unicorn candle when you’re in the excited, curious, and positive mood! 

Freshly Cut Roses: Romantic Vibes

Having a romantic dinner or just simply feeling the romantic vibes? Bring romance in the air with this Freshly Cut Roses candle. This scent is a spot-on rose scent that will remind you of your partner wherever you are. The combination of roses, violets, and musk create a sultry blend that will amp up the romance in any space. 

If you’re feeling romantic, in love, or seductive, this candle is perfect for you!

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