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October 28, 2021 3 min read

We’ve all received a candle as a gift at one point in our lives and we know that these home fragrance gifts can either be extremely boring or change your life—there’s no in between. In the midst of so many scent combinations and designs, it can be difficult to find new holy grail gifts for people who would enjoy candles. What scents do they still not have?

This is why we decided to go beyond candles and sell gifts that keep on giving! Every jar of Royal Essence candles contains a 925 sterling silver jewellery surprise worth $90 to $5000. These self-care treats are perfect gifts for the holidays as they are a 2-in-1 treat for your loved ones. Gone are the days when candles are boring and basic, these scents will keep you excited with anticipation!

Featuring our new Christmas candle collection, we have curated a Royal Essence Holiday Gift Guide for you to find the perfect presents for your loved ones!

Silent Night - Candle Advent Calendar

This is the ultimate gift for all the candle lovers in your life. With 12 mini candles, you get 120-180 hours of burn time. These scents also have a great variety from florals, fruity, fresh, gourmand, and everything in between. The 12 jars also sample our new Core range, Gold & Rose Gold collections, and a Christmas-scented treat!

Did we mention one of these jars is hiding a pair of sparkly earrings? Keep your loved one on their toe as they figure out which day contains the jewellery surprise made with 925 sterling silver!

Snowflake Shimmer

For those who love snow, woody, and cosy scents, this Snowflake Shimmer jewellery candle is the best gift with a magical twist! This limited edition jar design has a holographic finish over a dreamy blue carousel jar we’ve never done before! This stunning jar combined with notes of sugared violets, juniper berries, sandalwood, and balsam make the perfect white Christmas scent. 

Scents of snow-covered forests and sparkly surprises...what more can you ask for? This three-wick candle is the perfect gift for Christmas!

Winterberry Blush

If you know someone who loves watching Barbie and Hallmark movies during Christmas, this is the candle equivalent of those romantic Christmas vibes. Imagine yourself ice skating in the park or sharing a snow cone with the scents of winter berries, clementines, raspberries, plum, and musk. It’s a treat for hopeless romantics with its pale pink hue and dainty design. 

Nothing gets more romantic than a sterling silver jewellery surprise! This jar is also a perfect romantic gift for your partner!

Christmas Cheer

If you want to bring a gift over a family dinner or just looking for a classic Christmas candle, Christmas Cheer will entice your loved ones with its regal green look and tropical holiday notes layered with musk and amber. This festive candle is the perfect gift for home decor enthusiasts, mums, and even a fancy gift for anyone you want to impress (perhaps your boss, for a raise?)

Aside from an exquisitely formulated scent profile and designed glass jar, surprise your loved ones with a 925 sterling silver surprise hiding right inside the wax!

Bourbon Maple Bread

Holiday season is all about desserts and goodies. This is why we created a scent that will capture that home-baked feeling when you’re home at mum’s. This freshly-baked aroma of cinnamon sugar, bourbon, cardamom, and nutmeg will make your mouth water and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Fill your home with a delicious cosy scent and get a free pair of earrings, necklace, or rings made with real sterling silver!

Champagne Toast

If you’re thinking about bringing wine or champagne to a house party, bring this candle instead! Champagne Toast is a party scent that will fill the room with crisp pink grapefruit, champagne, and red currant notes. It’s the best way to indulge with self-care at home!

Just like other Christmas candles, this cheers-worthy scent is hiding a sterling silver surprise inside!

Gold & Rose Gold Collection

Not feeling the Christmas vibes? You can grab something from our Gold and Rose Gold Collection to send as gifts for your loved ones! This all-new collection has a gold or rose gold vermeil jewellery guarantee, if silver is not your thing. Featuring enticing scents like fruity florals, creamy gourmands, and tropical smoothies, this collection is a unique take on jewellery candles!

Fairy Tale Collection

If you’re looking for that Christmas magic, but without too much of the holiday spirit, our Fairy Tale Collection offers two whimsical scents—Mermaid Kisses and Snow Fairy perfect for the dreamers and wanderers who want to fill their rooms with magical notes. 

Our Mermaid Kisses candle has a fresh floral note with a blue opal guarantee on every jewellery surprise, while Snow Fairy has a sweet floral note with a pink opal guarantee!

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