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January 24, 2023 4 min read

We have many candles on our website and each of them has their own loyal fans. However, there are a few candles that are all-around crowd pleasers! In this blog we're introducing you to four of our best-selling candles! Read on to see what you've been missing, and who knows, you may even discover your new favourite!



With nearly 700 5-star reviews, the Watermelon Lemonade candle is one of our best-selling and top-rated candles! It’s a light, refreshing combination of sweet watermelon and freshly squeezed lemonade. Picture this: you spend a long summer day under the sweltering sun craving for some shade and a cold refreshment. This candle hits you with the same refreshing sensation as a glass of watermelon ice, sparkling water, and freshly squeezed lemons. 

Here are some things lovely ladies have said about the invigorating Watermelon Lemonade Candle:

Ella C.

Smells amazing, agree I could smell it before I opened to box but it's not an overpowering punch in the face either. Smells divine, like watermelon candy. So thrilled with the ring I got I was a little nervous but I love it! Can't wait to burn my next candle.

Deanne H.

Got my candle today 😍 The Watermelon & Lemonade scent is amazing, I just want to eat it 🍉😂 The rush waiting for my ring was super exciting and I love the one I scored, the blue is so deep and catches the light so beautifully💍👍🏼

Taasha S.

Hands down this is the best scent out of the four I bought! I recommend choosing this one if it's a gift for someone. Haven't met anyone who doesn't like it yet! Stunning ring with this candle too!! Very happy customer 😄




The Rose Quartz Candle is one of our most popular candles for good reason: it swirls both fruity and floral notes throughout the room. The fragrances of juicy lychee and fragrant peony petals plus the gorgeous packaging with iridescent accents set the perfect background to your self-care routine.

Each Rose Quartz Candle  also comes with a stunning sterling silver jewellery featuring a Rose Quartz gemstone. The Rose Quartz is also the gemstone for self-love. This candle and the Rose Quartz jewellery you will find within will definitely inspire you to give yourself more love. In case you needed more reasons to get the Rose Quartz Candle for yourself, read the five-star reviews of this gorgeous candle below:

Katrina O.

This candle smells amazing. Had to light it straight away. Have had it burning every day since. And the surprise ring 💍  is just absolutely stunning 😍

Tryster M.

My 1st time buying, as i have been wanting to for a very long time. I am not disappointed at all. The packaging is excellent, the candle is just heavenly and the ring, is just utterly beautiful! I will be buying again, it is great value for money. Great gift for yourself or for someone else!

Kayla N.

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the candle, love the smell, LOVE the ring! Will definitely be telling all my girlfriends to get themselves one!! Thank you so so much! Absolutely stunning. Worth every cent. Amazing 💖💍💎💝




If you love the ocean and you dream of being a mermaid, the Mermaid Kisses Candle is for you! This beautiful candle has fragrances reminiscent of bouquet of flowers and enchanting blue lagoons. Drench yourself in notes of ocean mist blended together with lily of the valley and camellia.  This candle will definitely transport you to a time and place where all your mermaid dreams come true! You even get a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewellery featuring a dreamy Blue Opal! Here's what the mermaids have to say about this beautiful candle:

Leah G.

Absolutely love my ring and the candle is amazing smells incredible and so much bigger than I expected I love them so much will definitely buy more products ☺️

Michelle Y.

This candle smells divine and a beautiful ring to match! The sizing was perfect and the anticipation to discover what ring was inside the candle is all part of the experience! Can't wait to try the other candles.

Claire H

Wow I love the smell so subtle and fresh. And the opal oh wow absolutely gorgeous it’s shines so beautiful in the sun. I'm so proud to have my candles and my jewellery from them. It’s such a gift to get!






The Starry Night Candle takes inspiration from the cosmos. It's like bringing a whole sky of stars into your space, making it dreamy and calm. It's the perfect candle companion as you wind down, release the stress of the day into the cosmos, and prepare for sleep. This candle brings with it sweet dreams and good vibes. Like any of our candles, you get a jewellery surprise within the Starry Night Candle, too! Read on to see what our beloved customers are saying about this relaxing candle.

Kirsty H.

Love the candle and abosulty LOVE my ring. Couldn't have asked for a better self-care gift.


Shinai M.

I have just received my order and I love the scent! It’s not too much in your face, however it is very subtle and love it! It’s such a cute candle as well! Amazing!


Paige D.

Beautiful candle which smells amazing. The ring is silver with the word love and a diamond for the o. I've bought another for a gift. Everything from packaging, scent tp the ring is perfect. Love it!




These candles are perfect blind buys! Trying these best sellers are the best way to start your Royal Essence candle collection, if you haven't yet. If you'd like to keep shopping around for your new favourite scented candle, you can choose from the many we have on our website!

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