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November 15, 2021 4 min read

Sending a self-care gift during the holiday season is one of the best gifts you can give. With the cosy, fuzzy feeling that comes with Christmas, everyone just wants to dip into a nice bath and have a little me-time in between gift shopping and socialising. This is why we think bath bombs are the perfect gift to accompany your loved ones in their self-care time. 

Bath bombs provide a luxurious feel in the bath as it comes with vibrant colours and a wide array of scents. Their favourite scents will help them relax and leave the bath feeling amazing. However, with so many bath bombs in different stores and their reputation for being a generic gift, a little twist is all you need to give a more meaningful gift! 

Royal Essence bath bombs not only smell amazing, they also have a little surprise in every product to top it off. In the middle of every bath bomb, there’s a 925 sterling silver jewellery waiting to be discovered. There’s over 600 pieces to reveal with different gemstones and designs worth $90 to $5000. Each jewel has a tag with a code where they can find out how much it is worth. 

Your loved ones are guaranteed to love these self-care treats and sparkly surprises! With that said, here are 10 bath bombs, all with jewellery, we recommend as unique gifts this Christmas. 


Inspired by the northern lights, this Aurora Borealis bath bomb features a stunning Aurora Boreale gem that is iridescent and magical, just like the natural phenomenon. Matching the unique gemstone, this bath bomb is also filled with colourful hues reminiscent of the purple sky. 

Aurora Borealis is also scented with blueberries and summer fruits, a sweet fruity scent that will leave you smelling fresh and feeling silky smooth. 


Friends with a fur parent? This Pawsome bath bomb not only looks adorable on the outside, it also hides an equally adorable originally designed pet jewellery inside! Perfect for hoomans who need a little break from taking care of their dogs, this bone-shaped bath bomb packs a punch with 360g worth of goodness—three times bigger than your average bath bomb!

Pawsome is scented with lychee, guava, and citrus puree—a fun fruity scent for dog lovers!


If your loved one isn’t very fond of dogs, they’re most likely cat lovers. A counterpart of Pawsome, Pampurr is a bath bomb made for cat mums! This fishbone-shaped bath bomb also has originally designed pet jewellery to show off their love for their feline friends!

This bath bomb is sweetly scented with favourite lollies mixed with sherbet and fruits. A perfect treat in the bath!


Make your loved one feel like a princess in the bath with this crown-shaped bath bomb. Nothing screams royalty like sparkly jewellery and a luxe pamper sesh at home. Princess is designed to smell like summer with a blend of grapefruit and strawberries to sweeten your bath! Just like other bath bombs, this scent has a sparkly surprise waiting inside!


Set the festive mood with this deliciously scented Gingerbread Man bath bomb! This limited-edition bath bomb is shaped like the holiday cookie cutter and scented just like your favourite gingerbread cookies with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and creamy frosting. This 305g bath bomb is even sweeter when you reach the middle and discover the sparkling surprise inside!


If you’re sending a gift to your partner, girl friends, or best friends, Pucker Up is the best bath bomb to choose! Gifting this lip-shaped bath bomb is like sending kisses in a self-care form! It also features a flirty scent blend of melons, bananas, and peaches mixed with floral notes for a fruity-floral combo! Sealing the kiss with a sparkly surprise inside will definitely make her feel special. 


We all have that one friend who’s always by the beach, sipping on some cocktail or lemonade and catching the waves. This is the perfect scent for them! Not only is this cutely designed to look like a watermelon slice, Watermelon Crush is also scented with watermelon, mandarin, nectarines, cucumber, and vanilla—all the refreshing notes in one!

This best-selling scent also contains a sparkly jewellery inside, topping off their ultimate summer self-care experience!


Let your loved ones relive their childhood with this unique candy scented bath bomb Sour Lollies. This sweet and sour mix is a familiar scent as notes of strawberries, pineapple, lemon, and lime mixed with fairy floss and vanilla hit your senses. This sour-then-sweet scent ends at the sweetest note—a sparkly surprise right inside!


Breakfast in bed? More like breakfast in the bath! This Strawberry Buttercream bath bomb smells so good you almost want to eat it. This smells just like the real thing, buttercream frosting and freshly picked strawberries included. This waffle bath bomb is also big enough to use for multiple baths so it’s a bang for your buck. 


Originally made for our Mother’s Day collection, this In Full Bloom bath bomb is a gift to show love and appreciation to your loved ones this holiday season. Shaped like a rose and scented with poppies, rose, and honeydew, this bath bomb will turn their bath into an English garden with a sparkly gift to top off the experience. 

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