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February 11, 2022 4 min read

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? This 2022, we’re celebrating Valentine’s season with all forms of love—that is, including self-love for single people or anyone spending Valentine’s on their own. Whether you’re taking yourself out on a date or staying in this February 14th, you deserve to treat yourself with self-care with a little something extra on the side. 

Candles, bath bombs, and other bath and body products are a must when doing some self-care time, but Royal Essence takes it up a notch by adding a sparkly surprise inside every product! These jewellery pieces are made with real 925 sterling silver and are worth at least $90 up to $5000! These pieces may also contain different types of gemstones making your self-care extra special!

And to sweeten the deal, we have special products with fragrances that celebrate self-love and make you feel good this Valentine’s Day. Here are some of our favourites:

Squeeze The Day (Candle)

Busy working? Leave  Squeeze The Day burning on your desk to remind yourself to make the most of your day. This candle will also help you take a break and relax with relaxing citrus notes of blood orange and grapefruit. This fragrance also contains jasmine and freesia for a floral burst of freshness. 

At the end of a long day, discover a sparkly jewellery piece as a reward for a hard day’s work!  

Serial Chiller (Candle)

If you’re taking a break or spending the day relaxing,  Serial Chiller is your new best friend. Designed to make you reach the ultimate zen state, this scent will remind you of coastal roads and ocean views to stay chill. This relaxing candle has notes of wild freesia, lily of the valley, and bergamot. 

Plus, top off your relaxation with a jewellery surprise that will make you smile!

Donut Worry, Be Happy (Candle)

Who doesn’t like donuts?  Donut Worry, Be Happy  will take you to a donut shop wafting freshly baked donuts straight out of the oven and dipped in a delicious glaze. This candle will satisfy your sweet tooth when those donut cravings hit—it won’t hurt to bite on a real one while lighting this too!

Make your day extra sweet with a sparkly surprise after two to five hours of burning!

Watermelon Crush (Bath Crumble)

If you want to take your self-care party to the bath, this  Watermelon Crush bath crumble will bring in the scents right in your tub! This best-selling fragrance has a bright juicy watermelon scent infused in crushed up bath bombs! When sprinkled in warm water, these bath crumbles create a vivid swirl of magenta and bright green reminiscent of a watermelon slice.

Just like our candles, this jar of bath crumble has a 925 sterling silver surprise hiding in the middle—time to start digging!

Pink Cake Batter (Whipped Soap)

Don’t feel like a bath? Hop on the shower instead! The fun doesn’t stop at bath-time; we also formulated scents for the shower. This  Pink Cake Batter whipped soap is perfect for little celebrations right at home. With notes of vanilla, almonds, and sugar, this whipped soap can be enjoyed as a shower soap, shaving cream, or bath bubbles!

Things may get sticky because if you dig into this whipped soap, you’ll find a hidden treasure right in the middle of the jar!

Mermaid Kisses (Body Scrub)

Step straight into the blue lagoons with the aquatic floral notes of  Mermaid Kisses. This alluring fragrance has a blend of ocean mist, lily of the valley, and camellia which create a lovely bouquet of fresh-out-of-water florals. This body scrub will not only exfoliate you, but also leave little glitters to bring out your inner siren goddess glow!

You don’t need to dive in the ocean to find some treasure! This body scrub already contains a sterling silver inside in the middle of the jar!

Rose Quartz (Candle)

A symbol of self-love, this lovely candle contains a rose quartz gemstone inside.  Rose Quartz has a lovely pink jar with an iridescent glow, a lovely fragrance, and a stunning gem hidden inside! Scented with peony and lychee, this candle will remind you that you don’t need a partner to experience love—all you need is unconditional self-love!

Flaunt your rose quartz gemstone made with real sterling silver! All you need to do is light your candle and wait for a foil containing the candle to appear!

Strawberry Buttercream (Bath Bomb)

Indulge in a delicious dessert-scented waffle bath bomb  Strawberry Buttercream! Inspired by having breakfast in bed, this treat is a combination of buttercream frosting and freshly picked strawberries. Plus, with a generous 355g amount of product, you can use this huge bath bomb for more than one bath!

Hiding in the middle of the bath bomb is an extra sweet treat—a 925 sterling silver jewellery surprise!

Princess (Bath Bomb)

Feel like royalty in the bath when you let this  Princess bath bomb fizz out! This crown-shaped bath bomb has a scent blend of pink grapefruit and strawberries for an amazing summer vibe. With vibrant hues of pink and yellow, you will reign as self-care royalty right at home. 

Feel even more regal with a jewellery surprise worth up to $5000!

Pot of Gold (Body Scrub)

After your royal bath, exfoliate with 24K gold shimmer to feel like a queen!  Pot of Gold has a citrus blend of sweet orange and lemon and infused with shimmer to make you glow. Look like a goddess without impressing anyone but you! 

Just like our other body scrubs, this jar also contains a jewellery surprise inside to make you extra sparkly!

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