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January 06, 2022 4 min read

For many candle lovers, nothing beats the Valentine’s vibe. The chances are, if you love candles, you are a romantic at heart and can’t wait to dive into the world of romantic fragrances to match the holiday. From scents that emulate the Australian summer breeze to classic roses, this season offers a wide array of florals, vanilla, musk and succulent fruits. 

Whether you’re sending a gift to your partner or simply filling your room with romantic scents, finding the perfect candle is the key to a successful bitter-free Valentine’s Day. After all, no one wants to be the Valentine’s Grinch and everyone could use a little love this season. 

Coupled with a box of chocolate truffles and silky dresses, indulge in the romantic mood no matter where you are and who you are with. Here are our top 10 romantic candles to light this Valentine’s Day.

Mermaid Kisses: Blue Lagoon Florals

Sirens are a symbol of romance and seduction so it is no surprise that Mermaid Kisses remains to be one of our most romantic scents in our candle collection. This enchanting candle mixes rosy florals like lily of the valley and camellia with a fresh ocean accord. This candle is reminiscent of diving in blue lagoons with its peaceful floral ocean notes. 

While you’re basking in the alluring mystical scent of Mermaid Kisses, you will also discover a sparkly Blue Opal gemstone hiding inside! All our candles have a 925 sterling silver jewellery surprise, including this Mermaid Kisses jar!


Rose Quartz: Symbol of Self-Love

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s alone or just sending someone some love, Rose Quartz is the perfect reminder to love yourself. This candle mixes playful notes of lychee with relaxing peonies for that relaxation you need during a pamper session. This stunning candle is perfect for everyday burn so the 90 to 100-hour burn time will definitely be put to use!

Rose Quartz is part of our Gemstone Collection, which means it contains a rose quartz gemstone jewellery surprise—guaranteed! Refresh with this fruity floral scent and you’ll reveal a stunning rose quartz piece. 

Daisy Dream: Cottage Fantasy

Looking for the dreamiest romantic scent? Daisy Dream offers a cottage landscape with white daisy scents mixed with rosewood and wild poppies. This scent is a hazy white floral fantasy that will have you wanting to wear floral sundresses to frolic in the field. Daisy Dream will fill your room with dreamy romantic notes this Valentine’s Day.

This candle also hides a gold vermeil surprise jewellery inside to match the warm golden feeling of this hazy scent.

Rosé All Day: Cheers-Worthy Romance

Ideal for a romantic dim-lit dinner, Rosé All Day celebrates love in all forms. Just like the romantic drink, this candle combines succulent fruits like tangerines with sparkling bubbly. Lighting this candle is almost like taking a sip of a fine fizzy rosé. Celebrate your relationship and say cheers with this delicious fruity scent. 

Rosé All Day contains a rose gold vermeil jewellery inside to top off your romantic evening!

Venus Sky: Picturesque Sunset Scene

Nothing says romance more than putting your head on your partner’s shoulders while watching the sunset. This Venus Sky candle has that same feel with its lovestruck notes of strawberry seltzer, coconut, and pink guava smoothie. This tropical fragrance will make you feel the warm glow of the sun while gazing at the peach and purple hues of the sky. 

To match the romantic notes, Venus Sky contains a rose gold jewellery surprise inside! Simply light the candle for 2-5 hours and watch the surprise appear!

Tangerine Mimosa: Amalfi Coast Getaway

You don’t have to hop on the plane for that luxury romantic getaway. This Tangerine Mimosa candle from our Cocktail Collection is bursting with citrus notes of tangerine and sweet mangoes with a blend of sparkling bubbly. With its fruity mimosa blend, it will teleport you to an Amalfi Coast brunch with your loved ones. 

Just like our other candles, this scent contains a 925 sterling silver surprise worth at least $90 up to $5000!

Sweet Honeysuckle: Sweet Summer Picnic

Sweet Honeysuckle is a picnic date scent reminiscent of the Australian summer breeze. With a fusion of sweet honeysuckle and jasmine, this white floral scent perfectly captures a lovely afternoon scenery on a summer day. Get your picnic rug and basket ready!

This Core Collection scent has a 925 sterling silver ring, necklace, or earrings hiding inside! With over 600 designs to reveal, flaunt your sparkly surprise! 

Freshly Cut Roses: A Classic Rose Bouquet

What’s better than receiving roses for Valentine’s? Smelling it for a long time! This Freshly Cut Roses candle is a crowd favourite of our customers for its true rose scent that smells like it was freshly cut from an English garden. Instead of getting her roses that will die in a few days, grab this candle to fill her room with the romantic floral scent all-year round! This 400g triple-scented wax can last 90 to 100 hours of burn time!

To amp up the romance, this rose candle has a 925 sterling silver surprise inside every jar!

Starry Night: Romantic Evening Under the Stars

Every rom-com film has a stargazing scene. This Starry Night candle takes inspiration from these romantic moments with its fresh fragrance that smells and feels like a cosy night under the stars, cuddling with your loved one. 

This dreamy candle contains a jewellery surprise worth $90 up to $5000! Choose between rings, earrings, and necklaces to reveal inside the jar!

Cherry Blossom: Long Springtime Walks

Cherry Blossom is one of our top sellers for a reason. This candle will make you feel like springtime in the park, walking under cherry blossom trees moving with the wind. The soft florals mixed with apples and cherries create the most flirty and uplifting atmosphere right inside your house. 

Reveal a sparkly 925 sterling silver piece inside this Cherry Blossom candle! This surprise will make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day extra special!

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