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December 29, 2021 4 min read

In light of a new year, new beginnings, and starting fresh, a little home makeover will surely be the perfect reset button. Due to the pandemic, home decor has seen a rise of interest with the big shift in the importance of a comfortable home. It’s always good to have a home you want to live in whether you are working remotely or have already gone back to the office. 

Aromatherapy and home scents have been big contributors to having a relaxing and comfortable home. This is why many people are starting to buy more candles, explore new scents, and find them therapeutic. You’ll be amazed at how big a difference scents make in overall home comfort. These candles light up the room more than accent pieces! 

At Royal Essence, we strive to create a wide array of scents for different types of people, homes, and occasions. Whether you’re a vibrant fruity type of person or prefer a mellow and fresh scent, we have the perfect scent for your home. And if you want to experiment or find your next perfect scent, here’s a list of some interesting scents you need to light this 2022.

Rosé All Day

Of course, a champagne scent for New Year is just a given! But this Rosé All Day candle also blends some pink prosecco and tangerines to sweeten your home! This candle is perfect for new beginnings and celebrating small wins and progress. It’s sharp and tangy so it will light up your home in no time!

As a part of our Rose Gold Collection, every jar of Rosé All Day also contains a rose gold vermeil jewellery surprise inside! A little sparkly jewel to brighten your day!

Watermelon & Lemonade

This is the OG best-seller! Watermelon & Lemonade has been around for years in Royal Essence and there’s a reason why. This combination of juicy and citrusy notes create the perfect fragrance reminiscent of sipping on a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. We can’t imagine anyone hating this scent because it is universally delicious! If you’re having a guest over or just living with picky family members, this is the scent to grab!

And of course, the little sweetener in this lemonade is a sparkly 925 sterling silver surprise hiding inside the wax!

Daisy Dream

If 2021 burned you out and left you looking for the greener side, let this Daisy Dream candle remind you to romanticise your life, enjoy little pleasures, and live like you’re in a cottage around nature. With floral and earthy notes of daisies, wild poppies, and rosewood, this relaxing scent emulates fields of flowers right inside your home. 

Daisy Dream is a part of our Gold Collection. This means there’s a gold vermeil piece hiding in the jar for an even more romantic surprise!

Starry Night

Don’t you just want to stargaze all night? Starry Night creates this atmospheric mood at home so you can be reminded of the stars even inside your house. This airy scent is also perfect for freshening up any room and creating a peaceful aura for rest and relaxation. 

As a part of our Core Collection, this scent has a 925 sterling silver jewellery worth at least $90 inside!

Ocean Mist

Another fresh scent, Ocean Mist takes everything you love about the ocean in one scent! Many of us would rather be on the beach most of the time, but when it’s not possible, this scent is not so bad to improvise! from the ocean accords to the dune grass and sands, this accurate ocean scent smells like the ocean breeze. 

Just like our other candles, Ocean Mist also has a silver surprise waiting to be discovered after 2-5 hours of burning!

Rainbow Unicorn

If you’re looking to add some excitement into your home, Rainbow Unicorn is here to save the day! This mystical-themed scent is just like having a party in the middle of a magical forest with notes of cake batter, sugar, and wild berries! This scent is perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy as it smells like delicious berry pie!

To complete the magic, there’s also a sterling silver piece with over 600 designs to reveal inside this magical jar!


2022 is the time to start flexing all your pets. And yes, that includes even your candles. Last year, we released our Pet Collection featuring dog and cat-themed jewellery and scents that represent these fur babies’ fun spirits! Puptastic features a guava-lychee cocktail that lifts up the mood instantly. Purrific has lolly notes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

You can also flaunt your pets through originally designed sterling silver jewellery you can wear everyday! These pieces can be found exclusively inside our Pet Collection products. 

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is a whimsical blueberry summer scent that is the perfect amount of sweet and tangy. With creamy notes mixed in, this unique scent offers a peaceful atmosphere at home. It is also housed in a lovely translucent jar with holographic designs perfect as a piece in your home decor at home or in the living room. 

As part of our Gemstone Collection, this scent contains an iridescent Aurora Boreale gem inside! 


Espresso Martini

Feeling like 2022 is going to be a busy year? Let this Espresso Martini candle accompany you when you’re in your workflow! This productivity fuel will let you both work hard and play hard. Stay productive with rich espresso notes while enjoying fun notes of praline, cocoa, and vanilla!

To help you stay motivated, there's hidden jewellery waiting for you to be discovered after 2-5 hours!

Mint Choc Chip

If you’re looking for a real delicious scent that guests will recognise the moment they step inside your home, Mint Choc Chip is the perfect one to light! This mouthwatering scent smells just like the real thing; it's like placing freshly-baked cookies on your counter. This is something the kids will enjoy as well as adults with a real sweet tooth!

And you already know it! It also has a sparkly surprise you will discover inside the jar after 2-5 hours!

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