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October 08, 2021 4 min read

It’s always fun shopping for the women in our lives because of the wide variety of gifts we know they will love. However, it can get overwhelming with all the options available and a long list of girlfriends with different tastes and needs—but we might know one thing they like in common. 

Whether you’re gifting to mum, girlfriends, or your partner, we are sure they will always need and appreciate something that will make them feel special, relaxed, and indulged. This is why we believe bath and shower products are the best gifts to receive! And of course, we don’t just mean run-of-the-mill bath bombs and shower gels, we love gifts that have a little twist in them. 

All of Royal Essence’s  bath and body products  contain a 925 sterling silver jewellery surprise inside. These are perfect to make every woman feel extra special and excited to hop in the bath for some me-time. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded with sparkly gems for doing some self-care?

If you want some fuss-free shopping and to send your favourite women the gift of self-care, here are some of our recommendations for every woman in your life!

Island Splash Bath Crumble

For Girlfriends: Island Splash Bath Crumble

We can always count on our girlfriends when it comes to spontaneous adventures and guaranteed good times. This  Island Splash bath crumble  reminds us of that happy feeling of being happy with your trusted group of friends, having great conversations, and bonding through trips, dates, and sleepovers. This bath crumble is scented with fruit cocktail and sweet florals—a perfect reminder of your favourite trips or brunch dates!

Best Bath Bombs in Australia 2021

For Your Partner: Pucker Up Bath Bomb

There’s nothing more romantic than sending a kiss in bath bomb form! This  Pucker Up bath bomb  has the perfect amount of fruity and floral notes that create that fun and flirty feel to your bath! Your partner will enjoy this bath bomb as it’s so big that it can be used for more than one bath. Plus, nothing is more romantic than receiving jewellery as a bonus!

Best Bath Bombs in Australia 2021

For mum: In Full Bloom Bath Bomb

Instead of bouquets, send mum a lovely rose-shaped bath bomb!  In Full Bloom  was a part of our Mother’s Day Collection, but has now become a regular product for all the love it got! While this floral-scented bath bomb is perfect for anyone, we did create it with mums in mind. Mums deserve a well-needed relaxation and this purple-tinged treat will make her feel like royalty!

Bath Gifts Australia 2021

For Kids: Fruit Burst Whipped Soap

Kids can have pamper days too! If you’re sending a self-care gift to a little girl, our Whipped Soaps are perfect for the job. This  Fruit Burst whipped soap  is a fun way to shower for both kids and adults. With its unique consistency and blend of colours, these 3-in-1 soaps will get little kids excited for bath time! This scent in particular has a citrus burst that is fresh and youthful!

Bath Gifts Australia 2021

For Your Work Friends: Coffee Body Scrub

Looking for gifts for people at the office is definitely no easy feat. It can be quite difficult to find a gift that is both appropriate and not a mug. If you’ve survived busy work days together, we are sure that they will appreciate a little coffee-scented shower treat! Our  Coffee body scrub  will exfoliate away the stress and leave you feeling invigorated and ready to power through—just like your daily caffeine kick!

Bath Gifts Australia 2021

For Your Bestie: Pot of Gold Body Scrub

Your best friend and ride-or-die deserves nothing but the best! After being present in both your good and bad days, you better give them something gold–literally. This  Pot of Gold body scrub  contains 24K gold glitter so it doesn’t just exfoliate, but also leaves you with a sparkly skin! Just like our other products, this jar contains a jewellery surprise so it’s an extra sparkly gift for your bestie!

Best Bath Products Royal Essence 2021

For the Birthday Girl: Pink Cake Batter Whipped Soap

Attending a birthday party? Have the most unique two-in-one gift! The birthday girl will truly enjoy her showers with this  Pink Cake Batter whipped soap.  This vanilla-sugar-almond combo will make her feel like it’s her birthday every day! With this celebration-worthy scent and a sparkly surprise, this whipped soap is definitely a gift she will remember. 

Best Bath Gifts in Australia 2021

For Your Boss: Ocean Waves Whipped Soap

This  Ocean Waves whipped soap  has a fresh scent that is perfect for impressing your boss or a mentor all while helping her relax during her days off! This remarkable gift will strip away the stress and remind her of the beaches! Plus, she will be surprised to find an extra gift hidden underneath all the soap!

Whipped Soap Royal Essence

For Your Sisters: Bubble Gum Whipped Soap

Giving your sister something nostalgic will always pull on her heartstrings. This  Bubble Gum whipped soap  has that universally nostalgic lolly scent that will bring her back to your best childhood memories. Our whipped soaps can also be used as shaving cream, bath bubbles, and shower soap, so she will have many ways to enjoy it!

Bath Crumbles Royal Essence

For Acquaintances: Watermelon Crush Bath Crumble

If you ever pick someone you’re not that close with in Secret Santa, don’t panic! We have a scent that is well-loved by most of our customers—watermelons! Our watermelon-scented products are always the crowd favourite with its fresh notes that smell like summer all-year round. This is why we are sure they will enjoy this  Watermelon Crush bath crumble  even without knowing what they like. The jewellery surprise is also an extra gift that we are sure they will love!

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